Cameo Saint Bernards

The Road To Perfection Has No Shortcuts

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We are Cameo Saints. A very small show & breeding kennel, located in central Michigan on 5 acres. We love & cherish our Saints every day. We also work hard to maintain each one of our dogs & puppies so they can stay happy, healthy & safe. This work also includes making sure we place the pups we cannot keep in the best fit homes we can possibly find for them. We are here for the life of each puppy we bring into this world. The job does not end once the puppy leaves our care or even after the one year health gaurantee expires. When you purchase a Cameo puppy, you get us as a package deal. These dogs are my passion and I could not imagine my life without them in it!  Our desire is to breed quality dogs from the finest American & European bloodlines in hopes of producing quality, healthy, sound puppies. We offer amazing companion puppies. Feel free to contact us today to see if you qualify to own a Cameo Saint Bernarards. Inquire for more information. Our puppies and dogs go to approved homes only! We 
pride ourselves on the sweet, outgoing disposition our puppies possess.  Each puppy is handled & very much loved from the second it's born.  The puppies are played with constantly by myself & my children. Puppies are so much fun but also a LOT of work, time and money!

Be aware that most people who have one saint usually end up with more!

Saints are not the breed for every lifestyle and situation. Please be a responsible dog owner and do your homework before you buy or adopt! There is no such thing as a dry mouth saint, some drool more than others. They do shed. A lot. They will grow to be more than 100lbs very quickly! Yes, they are the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet and are totally worth the slobber and hair clean up.

 Below: Blue Valley's Prince Charming AKA Boomer