Cameo Saint Bernards

The Road To Perfection Has No Shortcuts

Before inquiring about stud service, please be sure you can drive or have your bitch driven to our home or have her shipped to the Denver, CO airport. Thank you and have a great day.

Stud Service Agreement

This agreement is made between the the STUD owner and the BITCH owner
on this date:__________________________.  
For the stud service at the Stud owner's kennel between:
Reg. #:_____________________________
Reg. #:_____________________________
Drop off Date(Date bitch arrives at Stud owner's kennel):________________________
Payment due to Stud owner(check one option) :
1. Stud Fee $________.00 _____(Due at the time of Drop off date)

              2.  Second Pick Puppy of Stud owner's choice _____(Stud owner will choose at 7-8 weeks old)


Stud Owner's Representations

  1. Stud Health Guarantee: Stud owner guarantees that the stud dog is healthy, up to date with vaccinations, de-worming,  potent and free of any signs of disease or congenital defects.

  2. Conception Failure: If the bitch fails to conceive, Stud owner will provide a second stud service at no charge provided the Bitch owner notifies stud owner of the failure within 7 days following the projected whelping date.  No matter the result of the second stud service, there will be no third service.

  3. Number of Puppies: If the bitch does not whelp at least 2 puppies that live past ten days, Stud owner will provide a second stud service at no charge provided the bitch owner notifies stud owner within 14 days of whelping date.  No matter the result of the second stud service, there will be no third service.

  4. Good Care Of Bitch: Stud Owner will provide good care of Bitch while at her kennel.  The bitch will receive the same quality of care as the rest of stud owner's dogs.

  5. Breedings: A Stud Service will consist of at least 2 natural ties.  If Bitch owner would prefer Fresh Semen Artificial Insemination or in the case that AI is needed due to great size differences between stud & bitch, He or she must either come to Stud owner's kennel and provide that service(experienced owner only) or allow Stud owner's local vet to provide the service at the cost of the Bitch owner.

  6. Puppy Referal: Stud owner will refer prospective puppy buyers to the Bitch owner if and when she gets requests she herself cannot fill.

  7. Litter Registration: Stud Owner will only sign litter registration after all fees and conditions of this agreement are met by the Bitch owner.

Bitch Owner's Representations

  1. Bitch Health Guarantee: Bitch owner Guarantees that Bitch is healthy, current with all vaccinations, de-worming,and free of signs of any diseases and congenital defects.

  2. Brucellosis: Bitch owner will present the stud owner the results of a negative and current(within 10 days)brucellosis test on the bitch, done by a licensed veterinarian.  A confirmed negative test is necessary for stud service.

  3. Breeding Dates: It is the bitch owner's responsibility to determine the optimum time for breeding and get the bitch to the stud owner.

  4. Bitch owener will encourage spay or neuter to puppy buyers who do not intend to breed or show their puppy.
  5. Puppy Owners: Bitch Owner will not knowingly sell, give or release any puppy from this breeding to a puppy mill, dog dealer, animal testing/research facility or any agent for these.

  6. Genetic Defects In The Litter: Bitch owner will notify stud owner of any genetic defects that appear in any puppy from this breeding.

  7. Purity Of Litter: Bitch owner will not expose the bitch to any other stud dog(any intact male)before or after the breeding until the bitch's cycle has completely ended.

  8. Responsibility Of Costs: Bitch owner is responsible for all transportation costs for the bitch to go to and from stud owner's kennel, the bitch's normal food and any vet care during her stay with the stud owner. Bitch owner is responsible for all costs concerning the whelping, raising, caring for and finding suitable homes for the litter. Bitch owner is also responsible for an breeding costs such as shipping seman, progesterone testing and Artificial Incemination(AI)of the bitch. These costs are in addition to the Stud Fee and are not included.

  9. Release Of Claims: The Bitch owner hereby releases the Stud owner from any liabilities and/or damage to the bitch while she is in the care of the stud owner.

Stud Owner Signature and Date:

Bitch Owner Signature and Date: