Cameo Saint Bernards

The Road To Perfection Has No Shortcuts


We are careful to ensure good placements for our puppies so they will receive the proper care, love and nurturing they need and deserve. All our puppies will be vet checked & approved before going to their forever homes. They will have at least one(age-appropriate)sets of vaccinations and several wormings as well. Our puppies are AKC registered and health guaranteed. We breed for temperament,Personality PLUS, health, to the Breed Standard and good overall quality & beauty. We RARELY offer full registrations. We will however, consider full registration on an individual basis. Full registration will cost extra. Please email or call for this price. Our puppies are sold as companions on limited registrations (limited registration, meaning your puppy can not be used for breeding when he or she matures.)We do accept non-refundable deposits to hold a puppy.

 Due to the very small number of Saint Bernard puppies we have available per year it is recommended to be added to our waiting list.

TO PURCHASE A CAMEO PUPPY: Once your Puppy Application has been approved:
1. A completely & accurately filled out and signed puppy contract received by the breeder as well as the buyer(a signed & dated copy for each).
2. A $300.00 Non-Refundable deposit is received by the breeder.
3. The buyer gets thier choice from available puppies.
4. Puppy is fully paid for by the time of pick up or shipping.

My puppies are sold as companion animals with Limited AKC registration meaning that they will be spayed or neutered.
The price is $1,500.00.  We RARELY sell a puppy with full registration(showing & breeding rights)

ALL deposits are non-refundable EXCEPT in the event that the breeder cancels the transaction. However, a deposit can be transferred to a
different or future litter if needed. The Buyer understands that the money is non-refundabe because it is considered to be their commitment
to buy the puppy.  Please thoroughly think through your decision to commit to any new family member for the good of the animal and you and your family!

1(one) year health & hip guarantee/puppy contract
Accurate 4 generation pedigree
AKC application for registration
Accurate & current vet record
Pictures of parents & sometimes,grandparents too:)
Bi-weekly baby pics from birth
Print outs of breed info, training & care guide
Lifetime breeder support

Two-Puppy Discount
Cameo Saint Bernards offers a discount to companion puppy buyers.  Responsible, approved families or individuals who wish to purchase two pups
from the same litter will receive a $200.00 discount off the total purchase price of both puppies.
($1500 x 2 puppies =$3000 - $200 discount = total purchase price of $2800.00)

Cameo Saint Bernards  would love it if you show your new puppy and we are willing to reward you for doing so!  Cameo Saint Bernards offers a
"show incentive" to full registration puppy buyers! Our incentive offers a second show puppy at half price when the first puppy is shown to it's AKC
Championship! Want to show another puppy/dog once you finish your first AKC CHAMPION??  This is a great way to acquire another show prospect
and save a little money! Put the savings towards your dog show related expenses and consider it a gift from us to you! 
*Must show proof of AKC championship*

*We only ship puppies within the United States. Pick up is preferred if at all possible. We may be able to meet within a reasonable distance for gas fee. Shipping is extra and price for an 8-12 week old puppy is usually around $350 which includes, health certificate from my vet & a shipping crate.

*Breeder always reserves the right to keep first choice puppy(or puppies) for herself. Puppies are placed on an individual basis and breeder reserves the
right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason. If the sale of a puppy is cancelled by the breeder after a deposit is put down, the deposit will be refunded.

*Puppies are chosen in the order of deposits received. I cannot hold any puppy or spot in picking order without a deposit and any puppy or dog must be
paid for in full before leaving.

*Breeder does not guarantee specific markings, gender or coat type to be available to the buyer out of a certain litter.  I will, however,  transfer your deposit
to a future litter if the puppy you desire is not produced.  I will do my very best to get each puppy buyer the puppy that best suits them!


These PayPal Buttons are for your convenience for getting your deposit and payments in safely and quickly. Please do NOT send any money unless I am expecting to receive it from you. If you do this, I will return it to you immediately and refuse the sale of a puppy to you. I do not "sell" a puppy to just anyone with the funds. I need to communicate with each and every prospective buyer and get to know them and to feel confident that they are the right fit for my puppy BEFORE accepting ANY money from them. I also need to have a signed and dated puppy contract from them.

PayPal charges me for each payment I receive but, I am not charging you extra to cover this cost. I require PayPal payments for deposits but I understand if you would like to discuss other forms of payment for the remaining balance and/or shipping. Please let me know what you prefer and we can come to an agreement on this:) I do NOT accept personal Checks, Sorry.   Thank you and Have a great day!

1.Deposit ONLY


2.Remaining Balance of PET Puppy, after deposit


3.PET Puppy payment in full(deposit & balance at one time)


4.Shipping Charge(for 8-12week old pup)